Bill Strausbaugh Award

The Bill Strausbaugh Award is designed to recognize PGA Professionals who by their day-to-day efforts have distinguished themselves by mentoring their fellow PGA Professionals in improving their employment situations and through service to the community.

Bill Strausbaugh Award Guidelines:

  • Demonstration of record of service to the Section and the Association.
  • Proven leadership ability.
  • Involvement in civic activities and local charitable causes within the community.
  • Recognized as someone of outstanding character.
Recipient(s) Year
Mike Gilmore 2017
Grant Turner 2016
George Lewis 2015
John Kennedy 2014
Eden Foster 2013
Jim Bender 2012
Rick Vershure 2011
Nelson Long 2010
Heath Wassem 2009
Darrell Kestner 2008
Joe Felder 2007
Dave Carazo 2006
John Kennedy 2005
Tom Nieporte 2004
Gene Borek 2003
Bobby Heins 2002
Jack Druga 2001
Mike Summa 2000
Rick Meskell 1999
Bobby Heins 1998
Bobby Heins 1997
Rick Meskell 1996
Tom DeBellis 1995
Tom DeBellis 1994
Fred Gipp 1993
Nunzio Ciampi 1992
Glenn Haugsjaa 1991
Jim O'Mara 1990
John Schob 1989
Mike Borsuk 1988
Tom DeBellis 1987
Doug Steffen 1986
Gil McNally 1985
Roy Pace 1984
Roy Pace 1983
William A. Mitchell 1982
William A. Mitchell 1981
Ron Nicol 1980

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