Horton Smith Award

The PGA Horton Smith Award recognizes the PGA Professional who is the model educator of PGA Golf Professionals. This award is designed to give special recognition to an individual PGA Professional for outstanding and continuing contributions to professional education.

Horton Smith Award Guidelines:

  • Demonstration of outstanding qualities of leadership.
  • Demonstration of strong moral character.
  • Maintain a substantial record of service to the Association and the game of golf.
  • Well-regarded as a model educator of PGA Golf Professionals.
  • Continuing education records will serve as a resource for verification of programs taught by the nominee.

Recipient(s) Year
Michael Breed 2017
Mike Diffley 2016
Chris Kenney 2015
Michael Shank 2014
Michael Shank 2013
Darrell Kestner 2012
Ryan George 2011
Carl Alexander 2010
John Kennedy 2009
John Hines 2008
Michael Breed 2007
Michael Breed 2006
Nelson Long 2005
Ed Kelly 2004
Brian Crowell 2003
David Young 2002
Brad Worthington 2001
Don Beatty 2000
Brad Worthington 1999
Don Beatty 1998
Tom Henderson 1997
George Lewis 1996
Brendan Walsh 1995
Mike Summa 1994
Greg Hurd 1993
Gene Borek 1992
Jim O’Mara 1991
Mike Hebron 1990
Mike Hebron 1989
John Kennedy 1988
Jim McLean 1987
Walter Campbell 1986
John Kennedy 1985
Larry Craig 1984
Tommy Murphy 1983
Carl Lohren 1982
Mike Hebron 1981
Nunzio Ciampi 1980
Ron Nicol 1979
Andy Nusbaum 1978
Bob Watson 1977
Joe Moresco 1976
Charles Beverage 1975
Frank Cardi 1974
Charles Beverage 1973
Tony Marco 1972

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