The Met PGA Quarterly Magazine

Welcome to the 2019 golf season here in New York. The weather is breaking, and we are excited to get outside playing, teaching, and pulling people into this great game. As a foreword to this E-Magazine, we wanted to explain the recent updates to our communication efforts. You’ve probably noticed that we no longer produce a monthly newsletter as we previously had. Instead, we are sending a more concise weekly E-Newsletter, each Monday, to focus on the most pertinent and current news. The philosophy is an obvious reaction to demand for shorter news cycles and immediate information, that we’ve all come to expect in almost everything we do. To supplement this, and because of our great desire to distribute a publication that highlights our association’s successes, we have added this quarterly E-Magazine. This will allow us to report in greater depth, somewhat akin to the former monthly newsletter.

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2019 Fourth Quarter Magazine 
2019 Third Quarter Magazine
2019 Second Quarter Magazine
2019 First Quarter Magazine