Scoring Average

2015 Scoring Average


Gil McNally Most Improved Player Award

This award, sponsored by The Treiber Group, is in recognition of Gilís wonderful career and the desire to encourage young assistants to continue their dedication and passion for playing the game.

In order to be eligible to receive this award, an assistant must be a PGA Member or Apprentice in both years and must have played in at least 50% of the previous and current yearís Assistants events.

2014 Gil McNally Award
Tim Puetz
Huntington Country Club

Tim Puetz

2014 Standings

Name Scoring Average Differential (To Par)
Tim Puetz -4.55
Joe Gothmann -3.76
Isaac Kim -3.70
Josh Fritz -3.33
Kyle Higgins -3.12
Bob Cain -2.90
Nick Beddow -2.81
Tyler Jaramillo -2.68
Dan Sposato 2.12
Anthony Aruta -2.11

*Final Standings*

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